Published Books

Selected Publications

  • Malmquist, Carstens & Dahlstrom (2022). Human Factors in Simulation and Training. Almost like the real thing: The hidden limits in flight simulation and training.

  • Carroll & Malmquist (2021). Resilient Performance in Aviation. In Advancing Resilient Performance (pp. 85-95). Springer, Cham.

  • Chaparro, M. E., Carroll, M., & Malmquist, S. (2020). Personality trends in the pilot population. The Collegiate Aviation Review International38(2).

  • Malmquist and Rapaport (2020). Grounded: How to solve the aviation crisis.

  • Malmquist, Leveson, Larard, Perry & Straker (2019). Increasing Learning from Accidents: A Systems approach.

  • Leveson, Straker & Malmquist (2019). The problem with probable cause.

  • Thomas & Malmquist (2017). Learning from Accidents that are the result of complex systems. Available from:

  • Rapoport & Malmquist (2017). Angle of Attack: Air France and the Future of Aviation Safety

  • Malmquist, S, Vincenzi, D., & Liu, D. (2014). Kinematic Effects in Large Transport Aircraft. International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace, 1(3), 5.

  • Just Culture Accident Model (2017). Conference paper. Resilience Engineering Association. Liege. Available from:

  • Authored numerous articles for in-house ALPA publications as well as Curt Lewis’ Flight Safety News.

  • Academic papers to be submitted 2018-2019:

    • Weather information training and sharing.

    • An Analysis for LOC-I utilizing STAMP.

    • A CAST Analysis of the UPS Birmingham accident

  • Additional articles can be found here:

  • Media appearances

  • Television and radio appearances. ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, Fox, Spectrum News and more.

  • Print media. CNN, NPR, ABC, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Mercury News, Washington Post, Miami Herald and more.


  • 2022. Expert witness for public hearing on Air France 447.

  • 2022. Air Line Pilots Association Safety Week, Washington, D.C. System Safety.

  • 2022. SMS Industry Forum hosted by American Airlines. Keynote Speaker.

  • 022. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Information Conference. Hazard Analysis for Nuclear Automation. Technical panelist

  • 2020. World Aeronautical Training Summit. Stress exposure training.

  • 2020. World Aeronautical Training Summit. Improving Pilot Training and Completion Rates Utilizing Personality Assessment.

  • 2019. ISASI. Investigating Accidents in Highly Automated Systems: Systemic Problems Identified through Analysis of Air  France 447.

  • 2019. ISASI. Updating the Concept of Cause in Accident Investigation.

  • 2019. World Aeronautical Training Summit. Practical Utility of Personality in Flight Ops and Training.

  • 2019. STAMP workshop. Analysis using STAMP of the UPS Birmingham Accident

  • 2018. ISASI SERC. Analysis using STAMP of the UPS Birmingham Accident.

  • 2018 Flight Safety Foundation, Business Aviation Safety Summit. A Systems Engineering Approach to Safety Performance Indicators and Accident Casuality (with Dr. John Thomas, MIT).

  • 2018 World Aviation Training Summit, Orlando, FL. Training to Facilitate Adaptive Capacity in Automated Systems.

  • ERAU, Advanced accident investigation course, guest lecturer.

  • 2017. Mid-South Aviation Weather Conference. Shortfalls in Aviation Weather Training.

  • 2017 through 2018: FAA FAAST Team, LOC-I

  • 2017. Resilience Engineering Association. Liege. Just Culture Accident Model.

  • 2017. Keynote Speaker InfoShare Dallas, TX. Weather Information Sharing

  • 2017. Keynote Speaker Infoshare. Dallas, TX. The trouble with tablets.

  • 2017. ISASI annual plenary seminar, with Dr. John Thomas, MIT: Investigating Accidents that are a Consequence of Complex Systems. A Causal Analysis using System Theory. (with Dr. John Thomas, MIT).

  • Presenter, Resilience Engineering Association, Liege, BE: Just Culture Accident Model.

  • Lecture on Air France 447 accident, Paramus, NJ.

  • Presenter ISASI SERC 2017.

  • Presenter ISASI SERC 2016: Extending Safety I to Safety II

  • Presenter ISASI SERC 2015: A Look Back at a Closed Investigation

  • Presenter ISASI SERC 2014: Just Culture Accident Model

  • Lectures on Air France 447 accident, Pasadena, California.

  • Lecture on Air France 447 accident, Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Lecture on Air France 447, Sun ‘n Fun Aviation Expo, Florida.

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