Expertise Across Multiple Domains: An Unparalleled Advantage

Most experts specialize in a single domain, typically very narrow in scope. As a result, it is common for a complex case to require multiple expert witnesses. This can dramatically increase the cost and complexity of your cases.  Malmquist is an experienced expert able to provide expertise in multiple domains. Comfortable with both depositions and trial testimony, Malmquist combines almost 50 years of being a pilot with many years of experience as an accident investigator as well as teaching safety analysis, aerodynamics, human factors, aviation regulations and accident investigation at the university level.

Malmquist has worked as an expert witness, applying system theoretic analysis in major trials. These methods, developed by MIT researchers, provide a solid, traceable, foundation for understanding and explaining accidents involving complex systems. This goes far beyond just opinion as the basis of the analysis can be shown to be complete, rather than ad hoc. Malmquist is a visiting instructor at the Florida Institute of Technology and an active current B-777 Captain operating predominantly international routes. In addition to being an international pilot for the bulk of the last 35 years, he has taught aerobatics and instructed in a variety of both general aviation and transport aircraft. Captain Malmquist has published numerous technical and academic articles stemming from his work on flight safety and accident investigation. His most recent work has involved approaches to risk analysis and accident prevention utilizing MIT’s System Theoretic Accident Models and Processes (STAMP) and facilitating the integration of these methods on behalf of several organizations.

His past work includes Automation and Human Factors lead for the Commercial Aviation Safety Team’s Joint Safety Implementation Team, Loss of Control working group, as well as the Aircraft State Awareness working group and the Joint Implementation Measurement and Data Analysis Team. He also has either led or been deeply involved in several major aircraft accident investigations, performing operations, human factors, systems and aircraft performance analysis.
Captain Malmquist’s education includes a Masters (MSc) degree in Human Factors in Aeronautics through the Florida Institute of Technology, a Bachelors of Science (BSc) from Embry-Riddle University, and an Associate of Science (ASc) through Mt. San Antonio College.

He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a full member of ISASI, and a member of the Resilience Engineering Association, AIAA, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, IEEE, the Flight Safety Foundation and SAE where he also serves as a voting member of the Flight Deck and Handling Quality Standards for Transport Aircraft committee where he is currently leading the project to establish standards for aircraft designed after 2030. He is a member of the Aerospace Behavior Engineering Technology, Modeling, Simulation and Training for Emerging AV and the Aircraft and System Development and Safety Assessment Committee and the Lithium Battery Packaging Performance Committees. He is also a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Flight Operations Group.

Key Areas of Expertise:

Pilot Technique

Efficient and precise piloting demands a comprehensive understanding of flight dynamics, aircraft systems, aircraft performance, meteorology, regulations, navigation and aerodynamic principles. My expertise encompasses advanced flight maneuvers, optimal control strategies, and operational limitations, ensuring a rigorous analysis from a seasoned aviator's perspective.

Technical Aspects of Investigations

The methods developed at MIT can be applied to a number of domains. Fields as diverse as nuclear power, chemical to the medical industry can be analyzed in a way that identifies the weaknesses in the socio-technical design that opened the door for an accident. These can also be applied to the legal system, liability issues or understanding why unexpected events might have occurred. Police shootings, negligent actions or even criminal behavior can be examined in a comprehensive way that identifies aspects that are missed using other methods.

Accident Investigation

Thorough accident investigation requires an integration of aerodynamic analyses, system evaluations, vehicle and human performance, and forensic methodologies. My methodological approach to dissecting aviation incidents involves scrutinizing telemetry data, assessing mechanical failures, and correlating with established aviation standards to provide an exhaustive interpretation of events.

Regulatory Knowledge

In the domain of aviation, adherence to regulatory frameworks is imperative. My acumen in FAA and ICAO standards, coupled with a rigorous understanding of the associated regulations and SARPS, ensures precise evaluations of compliance, safety benchmarks, and potential regulatory breaches.

Aircraft Systems

Modern aircraft are an amalgamation of sophisticated systems operating in concert. My comprehensive grasp spans propulsion dynamics, avionic interfaces, system design, computer control and system redundancies. This allows for a detailed evaluation of potential malfunctions and their ramifications on aircraft operations.

System Safety

Through the use of system theoretic methods, I can examine your entire organizational framework, combined with the technical aspects, to identify weaknesses in the design that open the door to all types of risk, from financial to the loss of human life.

Additionally, my in-depth experience with the MIT-developed "System Theoretic Accident Models and Processes" enhances my capability. Having both practiced and taught topics such as accident investigation, aircraft systems, regulatory frameworks, weather radar, applied aerodynamics, and more within university graduate programs, I offer a unique vantage point.

The Value Proposition

Engaging an expert with multifaceted expertise ensures streamlined research and testimonial processes. This not only guarantees a comprehensive understanding but also promises cost efficiency for your organization.

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